What’s New in WRLD Unity SDK v0.8

This document will help you understand what’s new in the v0.8 release of the WRLD Unity SDK.

WRLD Unity SDK v0.8 Release Notes


  • Props API: Enables placement of 3D models from WRLD’s prop library into indoor maps. By default, props will be created for any indoor assets placed in the map the Assets Tool in WRLD Indoor Map Designer. Documentation and an example of the API are available.

  • Indoor Map Entity Information API: Information about identifiable features on an indoor map such as rooms can be obtained once they have been loaded. These correspond to features within a level GeoJSON in an indoor map submission. Documentation and an example of the API are available.

  • Transport API: Classes for accessing the streamed transport networks such as road and rail. Methods are provided for pathfinding and following in a network. Full documentation and several examples are provided.

  • Path API: A simple API for obtaining the closely point on a polyline to a given point. Documentation and an example of the API are available.

  • Mesh Memory Reduction (Experimental): Meshes which are created at runtime may be discarded to save memory after they are uploaded to the GPU by setting the “Discard Meshes from memory” option in the editor or the `UploadMeshesToGPU’ config parameter. Does not apply to collision meshes.

  • Labels and indoor map entry icons (Experimental): Setting the “Show Text Labels” option in the editor or the `EnableLabels’ config parameter turns on the display of place and road names, and Indoor Map entrance icons.

  • New event: `OnInitialStreamingComplete’ raised when the initial map scene has completed streaming all resources.

  • Supported Unity Versions: The WRLD Unity SDK now supports Unity Editor 2019 and 2020. Versions older than 2019.4.3f1 are no longer supported.

Backwards Compatibility Breaking Changes

  • VR support is no longer included as part of the SDK. A separate sample project is provided which includes AR and VR scenes, using Unity AR Foundation and XR Management.

Migration Instructions

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