SDK Package Structure

The Wrld Unity Package consists of several folders as described below:

  • Demo: Contains demo scripts and scenes which are easy to attach / modify.
  • API: Includes a base script WrldMap which interacts with and sets up the WRLD plugins for use.
  • Editor: Editor scripts to simplify setting and changing values within the Unity Editor.
  • Plugins: Includes plugins for all supported platforms.
  • Resources: A simple set of materials, semantically named and assigned to meshes when resources are streamed.
  • Scene: Featured startup scenes showcasing separate behaviour in each world space.
  • Scripts: Types and Unity MonoBehaviour scripts that help running the app and provide simple abstractions for use.
  • Textures: A set of textures utilized by the materials mentioned above.

Example Scenes

The WRLD Unity package provides two example scenes which demonstrate how the two different coordinate systems are used.

  • UnityWorld: This scene uses the Unity coordinate system and can be found in Assets/Wrld/Scenes/UnityWorldSpace
  • ECEF: This scene demonstrates the ECEF world coordinate system and can be found in Assets/Wrld/Scenes/ECEFSpace

If in doubt, UnityWorld is the simpler option and the best place to start.