Animating the Camera

Smoothly move the camera from its starting location to another location, with a defined animation time.

To run this example, open the Wrld/Demo/Examples.unity scene, click the Play button, and select Animating the Camera from the dropdown.

using System.Collections;
using Wrld;
using Wrld.Space;
using UnityEngine;

public class CameraTransitionAnimate : MonoBehaviour
    private void OnEnable()

    IEnumerator Example()
        var startLocation = LatLong.FromDegrees(37.7858, -122.401);
        Api.Instance.CameraApi.MoveTo(startLocation, distanceFromInterest: 1890);

        yield return new WaitForSeconds(4.0f);

        var destLocation = LatLong.FromDegrees(37.802, -122.4058);
        Api.Instance.CameraApi.AnimateTo(destLocation, distanceFromInterest: 500, headingDegrees: 270, tiltDegrees: 30, transitionDuration: 5, jumpIfFarAway: false);

    private void OnDisable()