PropsApi (Class)

Namespace: Wrld.Resources.Props

An API to create and receive change notification for Prop instances.


Prop CreateProp (PropOptions propOptions)

Creates an instance of a Prop.

Argument Type Description
propOptions PropOptions The PropOptions object which defines creation parameters for this Prop.

void SetAutomaticIndoorMapPopulationEnabled (bool enabled)

Allows the user to toggle the automatic population of an indoor map with any associated prop. If this has been set to true each floor of the map will automatically fill with any associated props held in the indoor map service, if it is false, none will appear.

Argument Type Description
enabled bool true to enable automatic population of the indoor map with props from the indoor map service, false otherwise

bool IsAutomaticIndoorMapPopulationEnabled ()

Query whether automatic indoor map population is enabled

Returns: True if this is enabled, false otherwise