TransportPositionerOptions (Class)

Namespace: Wrld.Transport

Defines creation parameters for a TransportPositioner. See Wrld.Transport.TransportPositionerOptionsBuilder for a convenience builder to construct instances of this type.


double InputLatitudeDegrees

Input latitude coordinate in degrees.

double InputLatitudeDegrees { get; private set; } 

double InputLongitudeDegrees

Input longitude coordinate in degrees.

double InputLongitudeDegrees { get; private set; } 

bool HasHeading

True if optional input heading is set.

bool HasHeading { get; private set; } 

double InputHeadingDegrees

Optional input heading angle in degrees clockwise from North.

double InputHeadingDegrees { get; private set; } 

double MaxDistanceToMatchedPointMeters

Constraint threshold for the maximum allowed difference between InputHeadingDegrees and the tangential direction of a candidate on a TransportDirectedEdge, in degrees.

double MaxDistanceToMatchedPointMeters { get; private set; } 

double MaxHeadingDeviationToMatchedPointDegrees

Constraint threshold for the maximum allowed distance between the input coordinates and a candidate point on a TransportDirectedEdge, in meters.

double MaxHeadingDeviationToMatchedPointDegrees { get; private set; } 

TransportNetworkType TransportNetworkType

The transport network on which to attempt to find a matching point.

TransportNetworkType TransportNetworkType { get; private set; }