Wrld Map

This script is responsible for the streaming and display of the map. The easiest way to get started with the Wrld Unity SDK is to attach the WrldMap script to a GameObject in your scene.

Note that this behaviour calls Api.Create internally, so you should not call it yourself if you have a WrldMap in your scene.

Inspector properties


Property Description
API Key A 32-character WRLD API key. Required for the map to function. You can acquire a WRLD API Key by signing up for a Game Development account.

Camera/View Settings

Property Description
Camera The camera used to request streamed resources. Sections of the map within this camera’s view will be streamed in. Most of the time, this should be set to your Main Camera.
Use Built-in Camera Controls If this checkbox is ticked, you will be able to control the map camera with the built-in camera controls.
Start Latitude The starting latitude of the camera’s interest point in degrees.
Start Longitude The starting longitude of the camera’s interest point in degrees.
Starting Distance To Interest Point The starting distance of the camera from the interest point in meters.
Start Heading The starting direction of the camera in degrees, relative to facing north.

Map Behaviour Settings

Property Description
World Space The coordinate system used by the map, “ECEF” or “Unity World”. If in doubt, choose Unity World space as it is the simpler option.
LOD Based On Distance If checked, the level-of-detail for tiles streamed in will be determined by distance from the camera, instead of the camera’s altitude. This is useful for cameras which are close to the ground and do not need a high level-of-detail for objects in the distance.

Collision Settings

Property Description
Terrain Collisions Controls whether collision is enabled for the terrain.
Road Collisions Controls whether collision is enabled for roads.
Building Collisions Controls whether collision is enabled for buildings.

Theme Settings

Property Description
Material Directory If using Custom Materials, set this to the directory where they are located.
Landmark Override Material If you want to override the Landmark material, set your replacement Material here.