TransportNode (Class)

Namespace: Wrld.Transport

Represents a vertex on a transport network directed graph. A TransportNode is located at the start and end of a TransportDirectedEdge. Where two or more edges connect, they share single TransportNode object at their intersection.


TransportNode MakeEmpty ()

Static factory method to create an empty-value TransportNode instance.

Returns: The new empty-value object.


TransportNodeId Id

A unique identifier for the TransportNode.

TransportNodeId Id { get; private set; } 

DoubleVector3 Point

The ECEF coordinate of this node.

DoubleVector3 Point { get; private set; } 

IList<​TransportDirectedEdgeId​> IncidentDirectedEdges

A list of ids of any directed edges that start at this node (i.e. where TransportDirecteEdge.NodeIdA == this.Id). Use TransportApi.TryGetDirectedEdge to access the corresponding TransportDirectedEdge for a given id.

IList<TransportDirectedEdgeId> IncidentDirectedEdges { get; private set; }