TransportGraph (Class)

Namespace: Wrld.Transport

A helper class that responds to TransportApi events in order to maintain the set of all currently-resident TransportNode, TransportDirectedEdge and TransportWay objects for a transport network.


TransportNetworkType NetworkType

The transport network to observe.

TransportNetworkType NetworkType { get; private set; } 

IDictionary<​TransportNodeId, TransportNode​> Nodes

A collection of key/value pairs for TransportNode objects.

IDictionary<TransportNodeId, TransportNode> Nodes { get; private set; } 

IDictionary<​TransportDirectedEdgeId, TransportDirectedEdge​> DirectedEdges

A collection of key/value pairs for TransportDirectedEdge objects.

IDictionary<TransportDirectedEdgeId, TransportDirectedEdge> DirectedEdges { get; private set; } 

IDictionary<​TransportWayId, TransportWay​> Ways

A collection of key/value pairs for TransportWay objects.

IDictionary<TransportWayId, TransportWay> Ways { get; private set; } 


TransportGraphChangedHandler OnTransportGraphChanged

Notification that the contents of this object have been mutated due to transport graph streaming.


void TransportGraphChangedHandler (TransportGraph graph, TransportCellKey cellKey)

A delegate type for event handlers receiving notification that a the values of this TransportGraph object have changed due to transport network streaming.

Argument Type Description
graph TransportGraph This instance.
cellKey TransportCellKey The key of the cell affected by streaming changes.