InstancedIndoorMapRenderable (Class)

Namespace: Wrld.Resources.IndoorMaps

Represents an instanced renderable inside an Indoor Map. Usually used for things like furniture.


Color GetColor ()

Gets the color of this renderable as a Unity Color.

int GetFloorIndex ()

Gets the floor index that this renderable is on.

bool TryGetHighlightColor (out Color highlightColor)

If this entity is currently highlighted, gets the Unity Color of that highlight.

Returns: True if a highlight color was found for this object, otherwise false.

Argument Type Description
highlightColor Color Reference to a Unity Color object to store the color if successful.

float GetSaturation ()

Gets the color saturation of this renderable.

void OnRenderStateUpdated ()

Called just before this renderable is rendered.


IIndoorMapMaterial Material

The IIndoorMapMaterial that this should be rendered with.

IIndoorMapMaterial Material { get; set; }