IndoorMaterialDescriptor (Class)

Namespace: Wrld.Resources.IndoorMaps

Contains a number of parameters for building indoor map materials. It is used by the IIndoorMapMaterialFactory. These are streamed from WRLD’s service alongside map geometry.


String IndoorMapName

The name of the Indoor Map associated with this material.

String IndoorMapName { get; private set; } 

String MaterialName

The name of this material.

String MaterialName { get; private set; } 

Dictionary<​String, String​> Strings

A dictionary of string-based parameters.

Dictionary<String, String> Strings { get; private set; } 

Dictionary<​String, Color​> Colors

A dictionary of Unity Color parameters.

Dictionary<String, Color> Colors { get; private set; } 

Dictionary<​String, float​> Scalars

A dictionary of floating-point scalar parameters.

Dictionary<String, float> Scalars { get; private set; } 

Dictionary<​String, bool​> Booleans

A dictionary of boolean parameters.

Dictionary<String, bool> Booleans { get; private set; }