IndoorMapEntityInformationApi (Class)

Namespace: Wrld.Resources.IndoorMaps

Api for obtaining information about indoor map entities: identifiable features on an indoor map.


IndoorMapEntityInformation AddIndoorMapEntityInformation (String indoorMapId, Action<​IndoorMapEntityInformation​> indoorMapEntityInformationChangedDelegate)

Adds an IndoorMapEntityInformation object, that will become populated with the ids of any indoor map entities belonging to the specified indoor map as map tiles stream in.

Returns: The IndoorMapEntityInformation instance.

Argument Type Description
indoorMapId String The id of the indoor map to obtain entity information for.
indoorMapEntityInformationChangedDelegate Action<​IndoorMapEntityInformation​> A delegate to obtain notification when the IndoorMapEntityInformation object has been updated with indoor map entity ids, or null.

void RemoveIndoorMapEntityInformation (IndoorMapEntityInformation indoorMapEntityInformation)

Remove an IndoorMapEntityInformation object, previously added via AddIndoorMapEntityInformation.

Argument Type Description
indoorMapEntityInformation IndoorMapEntityInformation The IndoorMapEntityInformation instance to remove.


Action<​IndoorMapEntityInformation​> OnIndoorMapEntityInformationUpdated

Raised when an IndoorMapEntityInformation object has been updated.