IndoorMapEntityInformation (Class)

Namespace: Wrld.Resources.IndoorMaps

Maintains information about indoor map entities belonging to an indoor map with specified id. Entity information is updated as map tiles stream in. Change notification is available via the OnChanged event.


Name Type Description
OnChanged Action<​IndoorMapEntityInformation​> Notfication that the contents of this IndoorMapEntityInformation instance has changed. This may be due to streamed indoor map entity resources having loaded.


IndoorMapEntityInformation Create (String indoorMapId, Action<​IndoorMapEntityInformation​> indoorMapEntityInformationChangedDelegate)

Creates an IndoorMapEntityInformation instance and adds it to the WrldMap.

Returns: The new IndoorMapEntityInformation object.

Argument Type Description
indoorMapId String The string identifier of the indoor map to obtain entity information for.
indoorMapEntityInformationChangedDelegate Action<​IndoorMapEntityInformation​> A delegate to called when an the IndoorMapEntityInformation object has been updated. This can occur as map tiles stream in, causing additional indoor map entities to be present.

void Discard ()

Removes an IndoorMapEntityInformation instance from the WrldMap and marks it as no longer in use (IsDiscarded() will return true).

bool IsDiscarded ()

If true, this IndoorMapEntityInformation is no longer in use.


int Id

Uniquely identifies this object.

int Id { get; private set; } 

String IndoorMapId

The string id of the indoor map associated with this IndoorMapEntityInformation object.

String IndoorMapId { get; private set; } 

IList<​IndoorMapEntity​> IndoorMapEntities

A collection of IndoorMapEntity objects, representing the currently loaded indentifiable features for the associated indoor map.

IList<IndoorMapEntity> IndoorMapEntities { get; private set; } 

IndoorMapEntityLoadState IndoorMapEntityLoadState

The current streaming status for the associated indoor map.

IndoorMapEntityLoadState IndoorMapEntityLoadState { get; private set; }