PrecacheApi (Class)

Namespace: Wrld.Precaching

API to allow users to precache areas of the map for later use. When a map resource is first downloaded it is added to a cache from which it will be retrieved if it is later requested again. This API allows users to request all resources for a given area, priming this cache and avoiding the need to redownload these resources.


PrecacheOperation Precache (LatLong center, double radius, PrecacheOperationCompletedCallback completionCallback)

Begin an operation to precache a spherical area of the map. This allows that area to load faster in future.

Returns: an object with a Cancel() method to allow cancellation of the precache operation

Argument Type Description
center LatLong the center of the area to precache
radius double the radius (in meters) of the area to precache
completionCallback PrecacheOperationCompletedCallback the callback to call whenever the precache operation completes


double MaximumPrecacheRadius

Return the maximum radius that can be passed to Precache(center, radius, callback) without causing an exception, in meters.

double MaximumPrecacheRadius { get; private set; }