EcefHelpers (Class)

Namespace: Wrld.Common.Maths

Static methods to convert from and to lat-long-alt and ECEF world positions. These helpers are not associated with the types that encapsulate these and instead deal with individual / simple data.


DoubleVector3 LatLongAltToEcefDegrees (double latitudeInRadians, double longitudeInRadians, double altitudeInMeters)

Converts latitude, longitude and altitude into a world ECEF position.

Argument Type Description
latitudeInRadians double Latitude in radians.
longitudeInRadians double Longitude in radians.
altitudeInMeters double Altitude in meters.

EcefTangentBasis EcefTangentBasisFromPointAndHeading (DoubleVector3 worldPointEcef, float absoluteHeadingDegrees)

Converts an ECEF world position and a heading (direction you are facing) into a tangent basis at that point, which can further be used to make calculations in that tangent space.

Argument Type Description
worldPointEcef DoubleVector3 World position in the ECEF system.
absoluteHeadingDegrees float Absolute heading in degrees.