IndoorMapEntityInformation interaction events may be subscribed to by using events methods on this object. For more information about Leaflet events, see Events methods.

For example:

function onIndoorMapEntityInformationChanged(event) {
    console.log("The IndoorMapEntityInformation has changed for id: " + event.indoorMapEntityInformation.getNativeId());

map.indoorMapEntities.on("indoormapentityinformationchanged", onIndoorMapEntityInformationChanged);

The following events are supported.

Event Data Description
indoormapentityinformationchanged IndoorMapEntityInformationChangedEvent Fired when an indoor map entity information object has been updated.

Event objects


property type description
indoorMapEntityInformation IndoorMapEntityInformation The IndoorMapEntityInformation object that has been changed
Props Wrld.Prop
Themes Wrld.themes
Heatmaps Wrld.Heatmap
Events Event objects
Services (Optional) WrldPoiApi