Represents information for a indoor map floor outline. Note: Floor outlines are only available for indoor maps submitted from 12 Aug, 2019 onwards. Please resubmit your indoor map if floor outlines information is empty for your interior.


Factory Description
Wrld.indoorMapFloorOutlines.indoorMapFloorOutlineInformation(< string > IndoorMapId, < number > IndoorMapFloorId) Instantiates and returns an IndoorMapFloorOutlineInformation object with the given IndoorMapId and IndoorMapFloorId.


Method Returns Description
getId() number Returns the auto-incrementing unique id of this IndoorMapFloorOutlineInformation object. This id is globally unique across all IndoorMapFloorOutlineInformation objects.
getIndoorMapId() string Returns the string id of the indoor map associated with this IndoorMapFloorOutlineInformation object
getIndoorMapFloorId() number Returns the integer id of the indoor map floor associated with this IndoorMapFloorOutlineInformation object
getIndoorMapFloorOutlinePolygons() Wrld.indoorMapFloorOutlines.IndoorMapFloorOutlinePolygon[] Returns an array of IndoorMapFloorOutlinePolygon objects which make up the outline for the specified indoor map floor.
getIsLoaded() boolean Returns whether the indoor map floor outline has loaded or not.
addTo(<Wrld.map> map) this Adds this indoor map floor outline information to the given map.
remove() this Removes this indoor map floor outline information from the map it is currently active on.
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