Utility functions to work with the DOM events, used by Leaflet internally.


Function Returns Description
on(<HTMLElement> el, <String> types, <Function> fn, <Object> context?) this Adds a listener function (fn) to a particular DOM event type of the element el. You can optionally specify the context of the listener (object the this keyword will point to). You can also pass several space-separated types (e.g. 'click dblclick').
on(<HTMLElement> el, <Object> eventMap, <Object> context?) this Adds a set of type/listener pairs, e.g. {click: onClick, mousemove: onMouseMove}
off(<HTMLElement> el, <String> types, <Function> fn, <Object> context?) this Removes a previously added listener function. If no function is specified, it will remove all the listeners of that particular DOM event from the element. Note that if you passed a custom context to on, you must pass the same context to off in order to remove the listener.
off(<HTMLElement> el, <Object> eventMap, <Object> context?) this Removes a set of type/listener pairs, e.g. {click: onClick, mousemove: onMouseMove}
stopPropagation(<DOMEvent> ev) this Stop the given event from propagation to parent elements. Used inside the listener functions:
L.DomEvent.on(div, 'click', function (ev) {
disableScrollPropagation(<HTMLElement> el) this Adds stopPropagation to the element's 'mousewheel' events (plus browser variants).
disableClickPropagation(<HTMLElement> el) this Adds stopPropagation to the element's 'click', 'doubleclick', 'mousedown' and 'touchstart' events (plus browser variants).
preventDefault(<DOMEvent> ev) this Prevents the default action of the DOM Event ev from happening (such as following a link in the href of the a element, or doing a POST request with page reload when a <form> is submitted). Use it inside listener functions.
stop(ev) this Does stopPropagation and preventDefault at the same time.
getMousePosition(<DOMEvent> ev, <HTMLElement> container?) Point Gets normalized mouse position from a DOM event relative to the container or to the whole page if not specified.
getWheelDelta(<DOMEvent> ev) Number Gets normalized wheel delta from a mousewheel DOM event, in vertical pixels scrolled (negative if scrolling down). Events from pointing devices without precise scrolling are mapped to a best guess of 60 pixels.
addListener() this Alias to L.DomEvent.on
removeListener() this Alias to
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