Represents a single selected building on the map, for displaying a graphical overlay to highlight the building, or for obtaining information about the building.


Factory Description
Wrld.buildings.buildingHighlight( <Wrld.buildings.BuildingHighlightOptions> options) Instantiates and returns a BuildingHighlight object with the given options.


Method Returns Description
getId() number Returns an auto-incrementing unique id of this BuildingHighlight object.
getOptions() Wrld.buildings.BuildingHighlightOptions Returns the construction options for this BuildingHighlight.
getColor() Vector4 Returns the color of the building highlight as an RGBA Vector4.
getBuildingInformation() Wrld.buildings.BuildingInformation Returns building information for the map building associated with this highlight, if available.
Returns null if the request for building information is still pending (internally, building information is fetched asynchronously).
Also returns null if no building information was successfully retrieved for this building highlight. This may be either because no building exists at the query location supplied in the BuildingHighlightOptions construction parameters, or because an internal web request failed.
addTo(<Wrld.map> map) this Adds this building highlight to the given map.
remove() this Removes this building highlight from the map it is currently active on.
setColor(<number[]> color) this Sets the color of the building highlight, with the given array in [R,G,B,A] order, with values between 0.0 and 1.0.
Props Wrld.Prop
Themes Wrld.themes
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Services (Optional) WrldPoiApi