Event objects

Event objects are passed as arguments to event listeners when events are fired. For more information about Leaflet events, see Events methods.

map.indoors.on("indoormapenter", function(e) {
    var indoorMapName = e.indoorMap.getIndoorMapName();
    alert("Entered " + indoorMapName);


Leaflet’s base event object. All other event objects have these properties. For more information, see Event objects.

Property Type Description
type string The event type. e.g. “indoormapenter”.
target object The object that fired the event.


Property Type Description
indoorMap IndoorMap The indoor map that was entered or exited.


Property Type Description
floor IndoorMapFloor The floor that was switched to.


Property Type Description
entrance IndoorMapEntrance The entrance that was added or removed.


Property Type Description
ids string[] The ids of the indoor entities.
Props Wrld.Prop
Themes Wrld.themes
Heatmaps Wrld.Heatmap
Events Event objects
Services (Optional) WrldPoiApi