Represents information for a indoor map.


Factory Description
Wrld.indoorMapEntities.indoorMapEntityInformation(< string > IndoorMapId) Instantiates and returns an IndoorMapEntityInformation object with the given IndoorMapId.


Method Returns Description
getId() number Returns the auto-incrementing unique id of this IndoorMapEntityInformation object.
getIndoorMapId() string Returns the string id of the indoor map associated with this IndoorMapEntityInformation object
getIndoorMapEntities() Wrld.IndoorMapEntities.IndoorMapEntity[] Returns an array of IndoorMapEntity objects which are currently available associated with this indoorMap.
getLoadState() string Returns the current LoadState of the indoor map entity information.
addTo(<Wrld.map> map) this Adds this indoor map entity information to the given map.
remove() this Removes this indoor map entity information from the map it is currently active on.


Represents the current map tiles loading state for an indoor map. One of the values will be returned when getLoadState() is called.

Values Description
None The indoor map is not loaded.
Partial Some map tiles for the indoor map are loaded.
Complete All map tiles for the indoor map are loaded.
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