WRLDMapsceneService Class Reference

A service which allows you to request Mapscenes, as created by the WRLD Map Designer. Created by the createMapsceneService method of the EegeoMap object.

This is a Java interface to the WRLD MAPSCENE REST API (https://github.com/wrld3d/wrld-mapscene-api).

It also supports additional options for applying a Mapscene to a map when you successfully load it.

– requestMapscene:

- (WRLDMapsceneRequest *)requestMapscene:(WRLDMapsceneRequestOptions *)mapsceneRequestOptions

Begins a Mapscene request with the given options. The results will be passed via the WRLDMapViewDelegate mapsceneRequestDidComplete method.


An instance of a WRLDMapsceneRequest. This can be used to cancel the request before it is completed.

Argument Description

The paramaters of the request.