WRLDMapscene Class Reference

The data that defines a mapscene, as created by the Map Designer or the mapscene REST Api.

@property name

@property (readonly) NSString *name

The name of this mapcene.

@property shortLinkUrl

@property (readonly) NSString *shortLinkUrl

The shortend URL of the mapscene.

@property apiKey

@property (readonly) NSString *apiKey

The API key to use for authenticating with the WRLD SDK. This is also used to link associated POI sets for use with the Searchbox Widget and POI Api.

@property startLocation

@property (readonly) WRLDMapsceneStartLocation *startLocation

The initial start location of the mapscene.

@property dataSources

@property (readonly) WRLDMapsceneDataSources *dataSources

The configuration of the data and themes to load for this mapscene.

@property searchConfig

@property (readonly) WRLDMapsceneSearchConfig *searchConfig

Optional configuration of the Searchbox Widget for this mapscene.